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Mary (Dahm) Lord

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 17, 2009 5:28 am

Update on the Lords.....ok, there are quite a few of us these days so here goes:)

We are still in south Florida and are lucky to have all the kids, grandkids, and yes, great-grand fairly nearby. Joshua and Christopher are still working with Terry at Victory Int'l - buying and selling groceries basically. I have been retired from education for several years now - I was having some major health issues and they finally were able to diagnose the fibromyalgia.

Josh and Staci have four children: Brittany 21, Amanda 19, Justin 18, and Josh II 7. Brittany is engaged to Jeremy with a wedding planned for early 2010. They have a beautiful little girl, Rylee, who will be one in April. Amanda & Zack both work for Toys R Us, Justin will graduate in June and is busy checking out colleges. We just had his Senior Recognition Night at his last home basketball game.....after 4 years it will be strange not to have that next year. And Josh II is busy with any and every sport he can try.

Chris and Maria have two children: Kylie is 3 and busy with preschool and dance classes and Brady is almost 5 months old and a true clone of his daddy.

I am so looking forward to the reunion this summer and seeing everyone!


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